Bologna, Mihajlovic deve muovere la classifica. Ma contro il Cagliari avrà sette indisponibili

Bologna faces a sensitive game today. Mihajlovic ‘s team against Cagliari must step up the table to get back on track from three straight losses-four in the first five days and 38 games in a row in the league with the goal violated. “Maintaining our mindset and our principles of play, since we have always been stronger than our rivals in the last three games, we need to strengthen focus, personality and contact,” the conference coach said. Two new finishing defections (muscle resentments for Mbaye and Samson) were applied to the five disabled (Dijks, Poli, Medel, Skov Olsen, Santander). The options of Sinisa (‘Two substitutions are enough for us, five substitutions are enough…’) are basically mandatory, with Svanberg in the center and Barrow on the three-quarter line after the start from the bench against Lazio.

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